Senior Project

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Senior Project

My vision was a downtown development in San Miguel, California. With only a historical Spanish Mission as an attraction, this small town was begging for something to happen.

My proposal; an infrastructural mixed-use development with a museum, city hall and a ballroom, all positioned around a circular plaza at the heart of the city.

The architectural language is Contemporary Mission style with some exaggerated elements and simple arcades. Environmental control systems are also applied at every chance both mechanically and within the architectural design. Living units rest logically above otherwise unused roofs of commercial buildings. This minimizes driving and makes it accessible for residents to have an inviting downtown experience.

1- Perspective from SketchUp model
2 – Picture composition from final model showing the west elevation.
3 – North East aerial shot from model, overlooking the public library.
4 – Model section cut of the museum demostrating the natural light gained due to window orientation. Also shown is the patio mechanical shading devices.
5 – Corner lot living unit.
6 – Multimedia image composition showing the public space circular plaza.